Four Doses of Morphine, Please

The past two mornings have been quite a painful experience for me.  Yesterday at around 3am I woke up with some pretty severe lower, right abdominal pain; after a while I couldn’t stand it anymore so I had my roommate, Shelby, drive me to the ER.  Thank God there was nobody else in the waiting room on a Wednesday morning so I got a room relatively quickly (unlike the time I took Mark to the ER for what turned out to be food poisoning)  I had to be stuck four times before they got the IV in correctly, my veins just did not want to cooperate.  Since abdominal pain can be a symptom of many different things, there were a couple of hours worth of tests including a CT scan, which to prepare for I had to drink a whole liter of disgusting contrast to make my insides glow.  They suspected appendicitis at first since I was having pain on my right side, but the scan showed no abnormalities in my appendix.  What they did find on the scan was a small ovarian cyst which is apparently a relatively common occurrence (new news to me).  After a while the pain subsided and they gave me a prescription for vicoden and sent me home.

To my dismay, the same thing happened this morning, only an hour earlier.  This time the pain was more sharp and rigid, I could hardly move.  I had Shelby drive me to the ER again and the same night staff that had been working the day before greeted me again, saying “you just missed us too much to stay away, huh?”  I got a room after just 15 minutes, but it felt like an eternity; the pain was so bad it was making me throw up.  The doctor said they would do an ultrasound to see if they could find anything that could be making the pain worse.  I got a dose of morphine (#1) which didn’t seem to do anything except make me nauseous so 20 minutes later they gave me another dose (#2).   My mom got there just as I was about to go into get the ultrasound.  The nurse didn’t find anything on the ultrasound, not even the cyst that the doctor had clearly seen on the CT scan the previous morning.  Turns out the cyst ruptured and so now there is a small pocket of free fluid in my abdomen which is causing all kinds of irritation to the surrounding organs.  So I went back to my bed, got another dose of morphine (#3) and drifted in and out of sleep for a while.  The doctor told us that there isn’t anything that they can do now, the fluid will be absorbed over the course of a week or two and as long as I don’t do any extreme physical activity, there shouldn’t be any more substantial pain.  Just in case, I got one last shot of morphine before I left the ER (#4) and I got some other medication to take daily.

Thankfully, my mom was there to drive me home and took me to get my prescriptions filled; you can imagine how out of it I was after all those pain meds.  I took a much needed nap and had some chicken noodle soup; not the healthy kind with all the vegetables but the old fashioned Campbell’s kind, that’s the best.  I’m feeling a million times better now, just a little drowsy and fatigued.

On the plus side: I had a legitamate excuse for not attending my final review for studio, I’m taking my horticulture exam on Monday instead of tomorrow, and I lost all of my added weight from Thanksgiving, plus some. :)

PS: thanks God for pulling me through



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