Crafty is My Middle Name

Yesterday I decided that I wanted to decorate our apartment a little bit for the Christmas season.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of money so I drove around College Station looking for pine cones that I could make into some kind of Christmas decoration.  I ended up driving through some pretty nice neighborhoods that I didn’t even know existed.  It was a lot of fun, I would be watching the treeline of the streets, scanning for green pine trees and if I spotted one I would drive down that street in hopes that there were pine cones on the ground.  I stopped at a couple of houses and knocked on the front door to ask if I could take their pine cones (how weird would that be if they caught me just plain out stealing them?)  Of course nobody was home because it was Friday at about 11am.  So I went ahead and just picked some up.  Then I hit the jackpot; from across the highway I saw that there was a whole line of pine trees next to the bowling alley and I could see that the ground was covered with pine cones.  I did a quick U-turn and pulled up alongside the old ladies that were there for their morning bowling league.  I got a whole bag full of big beautiful pine cones, it made me so happy.

Then I made my way to Hobby Lobby where I got some gold spraypaint, gold ribbon, a couple of gold floral picks, some white puff balls and a hot glue gun.  I came home, put on a Christmas movie and went to town.  I had seen the idea for the white wreath on Martha Stewart’s website but everthing else I made up myself.  As previously mentioned, I L-O-V-E being crafty.


pinecones03 wreath




3 Responses to “Crafty is My Middle Name”

  1. tracy Says:

    i didn’t know if those were pictures from your apartment or from martha stewart’s website! they look great and i wish i could have been there to see.

  2. Grandpa and Jan Says:

    You aren’t kidding,she’s crafty. Wait ’til she meets Jan…..

  3. Pinecones « life by britney Says:

    […] them. Just last year I drove around Bryan/College Station searching for fallen pinecones to make these Christmas decorations with. Though I hardly ever indulge my obsession {newlywed, saving for a […]

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