Camping at Lake Tawakoni

Last week was spring break and our family went camping at Lake Tawakoni State Park just east of Dallas.  It was a fairly nice week, we arrived just after a good two days of rain so the bike trails were extra muddy, but everything dried out quickly once the sun came out.  The weather was perfect camping weather, cool at night and plenty warm enough for shorts during the day.  The only downer was that the burn ban was still on so we had to cook our meals over charcoal (our s’mores too).

I spent most of my time mountain biking, reading in the hammock, and playing washers; it was a much needed, relaxing break.

I also got to play with my dad’s Canon Rebel that we got him for Christmas….now I want one.

flower lanternlights

Thank goodness we remembered to bring the washers along, otherwise we might have been bored out of our minds.  We brought two coffee cans, buried them in the ground; I think washers is best played this way (not using those wooden boxes).



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2 Responses to “Camping at Lake Tawakoni”

  1. jacob Says:

    sweet lights

  2. kristine Says:

    Your brother is ALL GROWN UP! When can I come see you? Email me. :)

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