THE Dress

Last Saturday Jess, Lou Mandy and I went to Austin to shop for their bridesmaid dresses and pick up my dress. All I cared about was the color, everything else was up to them. They ended up choosing a beautiful cocktail-length dress that has a dark chocoloate sheer layer with a light layer underneath. It looks so great on both of them and I know the dress will match perfectly with the colors of the flowers.

I was so unbelievably excited to try on my dress again and take it home with me. The first time I tried it on I didn’t know that it was going to be my dress; so this was the first time for me to put it on and say, “this is the dress I will be married in.” It was such an amazing feeling!

Once I got home I put it on again to show dad (he approved); then once more before I left for College Station since I left the dress in Rogers. I can’t post any kind of pictures or information on here because Mark might read it and he doesn’t want to see my dress until I’m in it on the big day…I can’t wait!


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