Nature: My Other Love

Have you ever loved something so much that when you’re finally experiencing it you’re almost too giddy to truly enjoy yourself? This pretty much describes my love affair with the outdoors. Growing up on acreage in a small town has shaped my innermost self more than I could ever know. Only now, living in a city, do I realize how much I miss being outside; maybe it’s because the only time I get some fresh air is during my ten minute walk to and from the parking lot every day. I’ll do anything to have a little more nature in my day; I try not to walk on sidewalks, I would rather walk through the grass and I would rather sit out on my patio than watch tv.

Last semester when I took a sociohorticulture course we talked about the therapeutic benefits of nature. There was a study done on hospital patients recovering from heart surgery; some had rooms looking out onto a hardscape or other buildings and some looked out onto treetops or a garden. The patients that had the green view recovered more quickly, requested less pain medication and were more positive and kind to their nurses.

Just now I was trying to focus on studying but my brain wouldn’t have it, I was fidgety and easily distracted. So I started some laundry and put the clean dishes away {normally this is when I would scrounge the kitchen for a snack too but I’m refusing to buy any more groceries for the rest of the semester and I don’t have anything except for oatmeal and lunchmeat} but nothing was helping me to get out of the study-block that I was in. So I grabbed all of my study material, pen, highlighter and water bottle and went out onto the patio to try a change of environment. The sun had just set behind the trees and I could hear all of the bugs and frogs happily chirping away in the creek just behind my apartment. It was a tad humid but every now and then a slight breeze would flow by making everything absolutely perfect. I will probably remember every single detail of what I studied in that hour before it got dark, it’s so amazing how nature and fresh air can affect our well-being…I love it.


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One Response to “Nature: My Other Love”

  1. daddio Says:

    i am so glad to continue to see that the outdoors are so important to you. it is at my core also. that and a good ‘ole dawg. ha ha

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