Best Weekend Ever

This weekend marked the end of my two weeks of school madness filled with tests, final projects, presentations and studying…lots and lots of studying.

I was scheduled to take my LEED exam at a testing center in San Antonio on Saturday morning so I drove down Friday night to stay with Mark for the weekend. Luckily, he didn’t get home until 9:00 from a golf tournament in Austin so I had a good 2 hours to myself to study uninterrupted. The next morning I woke up early for a little last minute cramming, then Mark drove me to to testing center because he knew where it was and I didn’t want to get lost. I wasn’t too nervous about the test; the more I thought about it the more worked up I would get…so I just stopped thinking about failing and focused on passing. Once the exam began I got more comfortable and I did the best I could; it was when I finished that I got the most nervous. On the LEED exam you press submit and it instantly tells you whether you passed or failed; I was so afraid to make that last click of the mouse. I started to second guess myself and I almost went back through and looked over the questions again but when I do that I usually end up second guessing myself and get more questions wrong so I just clicked submit. I had my eyes closed, waiting for the screen to come back up; I almost didn’t want to look. But then I did…I frantically scanned the page and found that one little word that I was looking for…PASS. I did it! I ended up getting a 179 out of 200 and you need a 170 to pass. I almost couldn’t believe it. I had been working so hard for the past two weeks and I really needed to pass this exam as a reward for myself; to prove to myself that I could accomplish this on my own.

It was such a relief to have the stress of school and that exam be lifted, I had nothing else to worry about for the rest of the weekend. So Mark and I took a day trip to Austin to begin our apartment hunting and have dinner with his friend from work, Paulo, and his wife, Amanda. We found a couple of apartments that were possibilities but we’re also going to look into renting a house as long as we can keep it within our price range. We’re hoping that Mark can make the move to Austin sometime mid-August and then I’ll move in with him once we get married in September. After we were completely exhausted from driving around looking at apartments we went over to Paulo and Amanda’s to hang out with them for a while. We tried to catch a movie and dinner at Alamo Drafthouse but we were a bit late so we went to Kerby Lane’s instead, also pretty good.

On Sunday we took my macbook pro to the Apple store to see if they would give me a new battery for free. It’s health has dwindled pretty quickly this past semester {not sure why} I can barely seem to keep it above 40% and a full charge only lasts about an hour. Luckily I paid the extra $$$ and tacked on Apple care when I bought the computer so they gave me a fresh battery free of charge. When I turned it on again after the battery was replaced it was so cool to see its health at 100% with zero cycles, hah! That didn’t last long of course, I’ve already got a couple of cycles on it thanks to spending time in studio yesterday.


Since it was such a nice day outside {high of 91} we spent some time lounging by the pool. I’m such a big fan of summer; I love the smell of Coppertone, laying out and wearing shorts and flip flops. It’s definitely my favorite season, that’s for sure.

Sadly, the weekend had to end eventually, I drove back to College Station Sunday night and headed to the rec for a quick workout before going to bed. I’ve decided that since I only have a few final presentations between me and college graduation I’m going to do some sort of physical workout every day. I only have access to the student rec center for another week and a half, which is really sad because I love that place. Oh well, everything must come and go and the next few weeks will be filled with change so I might as well embrace college while I’ve still got the chance!


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