Coppertone or Hawaiian Tropic?

I must admit, I have an addiction to sunscreen…I don’t necessarily like to apply it all the time but I LOVE the smell! Anytime I get a waft of it I am immediately transported to some remote beach, lying in the sand, soaking up some rays. Needless to say, choosing which sunscreen to buy is a very important decision. You can find just about every SPF and type of application in every brand, so what it comes down to every time is the smell. You could go the inexpensive route and purchase the store brand, which works just as well as far as sun protection but the smell is lacking. In my opinion it comes down to two brands: Coppertone and Hawaiian Tropic. Both of them smell so amazing; I actually stood in the store and kept smelling one, then the other, then the first one again…but I finally made a decision.

I chose Hawaiian Tropic. It has just the slightest hint of cocoa butter which is what I think sets it apart from the rest. I can’t wait to lather up and head to the pool this afternoon for some much needed tanning time!



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