Life on the Farm

Ok, so I don’t actually live on a farm but we have all of the elements of a farm, just on a smaller scale. I walked around this morning and took some pictures of the things that I see and have to take care of on a daily basis…chickens, cats, the garden, etc.

First I went out to the big garden where my dad is growing everything from sunflowers and pumpkins to corn and lettuce. The sunflowers and pumpkins are in preparation for my wedding in September where they will be used as the main decorations. Here’s our first little baby pumpkin, it will grow up to look like this someday.


More babies…here’s a couple yellow squash.


A cabbage head that is just about ready to pick.


Don’t forget the purple coneflowers. {one of my favorites}


Then there’s our chickens…


…they give us about 4-6 eggs daily, we never have to buy any.


Here’s a couple of kitties that were feeling photogenic today…this is Schmoo.


and this is Chubby {probably staring up at a bird in the tree}.


Last but not least, my lovable Sadie girl…she was waiting so patiently for me to toss the golf ball for her to fetch while I took her picture.



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