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Wax Seals: How To

June 29, 2009

Since the wedding is in 82 days {YIKES…so much to do} I decided to get started on some of the decorations. I recently ordered some colored wax sticks and a wax seal stamp with the letter “R” on it for making little tags that will be used on the guest’s favors at the wedding. Here’s a step-by-step of how to make them.

Step 01: Cut out 1.5″x1.5″ squares using decorative scissors; the seals will be pressed directly onto these, making the tags.


Step 02: Turn on your hot glue gun. {I used a piece of tin foil to cover my workspace, that way I can peel off and re-melt the drippings from the glue gun to make more seals}


Step 03: Get a small glass of ice water; you’ll need this to dip the stamp in so that it won’t stick to the hot wax.

Side note: I purchased and tried the non-stick seal paste that many stamping websites suggested but I found that using cold water worked much better than this paste in keeping the wax from sticking to the stamp {not to mention it’s free!}


Step 04: Have your stamp clean and ready.


Step 05: Dip the stamp in the cold water for a few seconds to get it cold.


Step 06: Press out a nickel-size amount of wax onto your paper tag {larger or smaller depending on the size of your stamp}


Step 07: Lightly press the stamp onto the wax, hold for a second or two, then lift off the stamp. It should come off very easily, if it sticks make sure that your stamp is cold enough.


And that’s it! I’ll be tying my tags onto small jars using raffia, like this…



Little Explorers

June 29, 2009

We’ve started transitioning the kittens from inside to outside; I feed them in the morning and then they spend the whole day outside until it’s dinner time. We haven’t left them outside over night yet but that might be coming soon, they are getting so rowdy and they jump on the furniture and hide under our beds where we can’t get to them.

It’s so much fun to watch them explore new things outside…recently they had their first run-in with tree climbing. I swear it’s the same story with every kitten we’ve ever had; they climb up, can’t figure out how to get down, keep climbing higher because it’s the easiest thing to do, get stuck, cry for help, then we coax them down and grab them once they’re within arm’s reach. Eventually they learn to climb down head first but the first few times it’s pretty traumatic for them…good thing cats don’t have much of a short term memory.

Here’s Hyde about ten feet up {crying of course}

hyde crying

Sylvester is a bit smarter, he just hangs out at the bottom {probably laughing at Hyde}

sylvester watching

Of course all of the older cats {including Nubby here} just ignore the whole situation, even though each an every one of them went through the same thing when they were kittens.


And then there’s Sadie…oblivious to the world…wanting to play fetch.


Ode to the Cheese

June 29, 2009

We harvested our first pumpkins yesterday! I had read that if the rind is too hard for you to pierce it with your fingernail, the pumpkin is ready to be picked and stored…so I walked around the garden, poking pumpkins with my fingernail, and cutting off the ones that passed the test. We ended up with eight Long Island Cheese and one Musque de Provence.

Here are a few of the Cheeses, we’ll keep them stored in a cool place until the wedding {they should turn a little darker in storage}.

long island cheese

Ben’s Graduation

June 18, 2009

So, this is a little late but I’m willing to give myself a break considering I have to deal with near-dail-up speed internet here at home {it takes 3 times as long to post}.


My little brother also graduated this spring, but from high school…things have changed since my tenure at Rogers, for example, graduation is no longer held on the sacred football field but rather in a nearby college’s auditorium/sports arena…much classier.

Here he is getting ready to walk the stage…oh and also a pic of him looking like a monkey on graduation night while doing the bungee run :)


We had some family stay at our house that weekend, among them were my grandparents as well as my two cousins and the majority of their offspring. That’s Steven eating pizza and {from L to R} Reese, Flynne and Mollie.

fun time

Steven is going to be the ring bearer in our wedding and Reese and her older sister, Greer, will be the flower girls. Doesn’t she look like a model here? She is adorable beyond belief.


Garden Update

June 18, 2009

The garden has been doing great despite the all-inevitable upper 90’s heat wave that has swept over most of Texas recently. I just realized that I hadn’t posted any new pictures since things had just started growing.

This adorable Chiremen pumpkin has been turning a darker shade of green every day it seems.


Before we know it we’re going to be up to our ears in corn {pardon the pun}


Our first sunflowers are blooming! This variety is called Velvet Queen and since it is an heirloom variety {not a hybrid} every single flower is different. Their colors range from a deep maroon to yellow with orange tips.

velvet queen

This round of sunflowers is just a test run…we’ll plant the flowers that will be used for the wedding in a few weeks!

I’ve got two kittens in my lap…

June 10, 2009

Photo 11

I’ve got two kittens in my lap…one is sleeping, the other is being a nuisance and attacking my fingers.