Ben’s Graduation

So, this is a little late but I’m willing to give myself a break considering I have to deal with near-dail-up speed internet here at home {it takes 3 times as long to post}.


My little brother also graduated this spring, but from high school…things have changed since my tenure at Rogers, for example, graduation is no longer held on the sacred football field but rather in a nearby college’s auditorium/sports arena…much classier.

Here he is getting ready to walk the stage…oh and also a pic of him looking like a monkey on graduation night while doing the bungee run :)


We had some family stay at our house that weekend, among them were my grandparents as well as my two cousins and the majority of their offspring. That’s Steven eating pizza and {from L to R} Reese, Flynne and Mollie.

fun time

Steven is going to be the ring bearer in our wedding and Reese and her older sister, Greer, will be the flower girls. Doesn’t she look like a model here? She is adorable beyond belief.



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