Little Explorers

We’ve started transitioning the kittens from inside to outside; I feed them in the morning and then they spend the whole day outside until it’s dinner time. We haven’t left them outside over night yet but that might be coming soon, they are getting so rowdy and they jump on the furniture and hide under our beds where we can’t get to them.

It’s so much fun to watch them explore new things outside…recently they had their first run-in with tree climbing. I swear it’s the same story with every kitten we’ve ever had; they climb up, can’t figure out how to get down, keep climbing higher because it’s the easiest thing to do, get stuck, cry for help, then we coax them down and grab them once they’re within arm’s reach. Eventually they learn to climb down head first but the first few times it’s pretty traumatic for them…good thing cats don’t have much of a short term memory.

Here’s Hyde about ten feet up {crying of course}

hyde crying

Sylvester is a bit smarter, he just hangs out at the bottom {probably laughing at Hyde}

sylvester watching

Of course all of the older cats {including Nubby here} just ignore the whole situation, even though each an every one of them went through the same thing when they were kittens.


And then there’s Sadie…oblivious to the world…wanting to play fetch.



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