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Mark’s Birthday Cake

August 29, 2009

Yesterday was Mark’s birthday and I’ve made a tradition of baking him a cake every year since we first started dating…his favorite is yellow cake with chocolate icing. At first I was having a hard time thinking of something creative to do with decorating on top of chocolate icing but then Mark gave me a great idea when he jokingly said that he expects nothing less than three layers.

So…as a little joke back…I made mini, three-layered cakes.



Plus I got to use my new cake decorating set that I got as a wedding gift!







Firewood Tealight Holders

August 28, 2009

For the wedding I wanted to have 4-5 tealight candles on each table for a little personal lighting, but since it’s not exactly safe {or aesthetically pleasing} to just set candles on the table linens I began the search for some tealight holders…I couldn’t seem to find anything that I really liked and I just couldn’t bring myself to spend money on something that we wouldn’t have any use for afterwards, so I got creative…

The feel of our wedding is very casual and I’m using a lot of natural elements in the decor and I wanted the tealight holders to fit in, so I decided to use pieces of firewood, cut into slices.





No cut was measured, each one is unique.

If Only I Could Paint

August 18, 2009


The clouds in the sky today were absolutely breathtaking; they were each spaced apart just perfectly and covering the entire sky as far as I could see. When I look at clouds it always reminds me of that one scene in The Girl With The Pearl Earring {one of my favorite movies}:

“Look, Griet. Look at the clouds. What color are they?”

“White? No…not white. Yellow. Blue…and grey. There are colors in the clouds.”

The Last Planting

August 11, 2009

This past weekend we planted our last batch of sunflower seedlings, there are three batches total spaced 10 days apart; so hopefully we’ll get the timing right with at least one planting and the flowers will be blooming beautifully for the wedding. Mark was here with us this weekend so he got to help out too {lucky guy}.


You can see the previously planted rows of sunflowers behind Mark, they are doing so well! It’s really neat to see them all facing the setting sun every evening…sunflowers are pretty amazing.

Latest Garden Projects

August 6, 2009

The garden has changed quite a bit in the past few weeks. We’ve gone through our harvest season, picking all of the pumpkins and cutting the broomcorn. Now we’re moving on to planting over 500 baby sunflower plants and clearing out all the overgrown pumpkin vines to make room for winter vegetables.


The broomcorn that we planted to use as decoration for the wedding turned out more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. The colors are so rich, ranging from golden yellow to a black purple color with every shade of red in between.


I’m not going to show my latest attempts at using the broomcorn as a centerpiece {I don’t want everyone to know what the decor will look like at the wedding until they get there} but let me just say that simple can be so beautiful.

Our latest project was building a water fountain out of old terra cotta pots. My dad had read that a good way to help keep the insect population down in your garden is to attract birds to the area. We already have a few feeders but we needed a source of water for them too. Not wanting to have to deal with the typical, stagnant water bath that you continuously have to scrub out and refill, we decided to go with a fountain that keeps the water moving constantly.

pots before

We gathered 5 pots {graduated in size}, some broken pieces of brick to help space the pots apart, and a little water pump that my dad bought for less than $10. The pump was placed in the bottom of the largest pot and the tube through which water is pumped was fed up through the holes in the bottom of each pot.

pots after

And voila! A beautiful, trickling water feature that I hope the birds will love!


August 5, 2009

sleepy kittens

Sometimes I wish I could be a cat…one of our cats to be more specific. If I were I bet my day would go something like this:

– Wake up to the sun shining on the back porch, do a little stretching {morning cat yoga}.

– Munch on some food.

– Go back to sleep on a different porch that is still shaded, sleep until noon-ish.

– When it gets too hot, sit patiently by the door until let into the air conditioned house.

– Become the center of attention and sit in someone’s lap for a while {motor buzzing of course}.

– Decide that the lap is too warm and move on to a comfy nook behind the couch or under a bed.

– Sleep until dinner time.

– Eat dinner, then back to sleep.

What a life that would be. But then again, I have no idea what cats really do during the nighttime hours. For all I know they could be running a fight club and invite over all the neighborhood cats and the reason why they sleep all day is to recover from their nightly brawls. Maybe it’s best if I just keep telling myself that they sleep all night…or maybe I’ll set an alarm for 3am and see for myself what they’re doing…

Bridal Shower Weekend

August 5, 2009


A few weekends ago two bridal showers were thrown for me, they were both so much fun and I am very grateful for my wonderful friends who hosted them! The first was on hosted by two of my bridesmaids and their mothers and the second by a family friend from our church. A great time was had at both, there was plenty of talk about wedding planning, where we will live and of course the groom-to-be.


One of the questions asked was “what did you do on your first date?” To be completely honest I didn’t remember, it feels like we’ve been dating for so long but yet you would think that I would remember my very first encounter with the man who is to be my husband. Jess helped me figure it out and we now believe that our first date was actually a double date with Jess and Sean, we went to the movies and saw whichever Harry Potter movie had been recently released.

the girls

Here are all my beautiful friends from high school, it was so great to see you all and reminisce about old times!