Bridal Shower Weekend


A few weekends ago two bridal showers were thrown for me, they were both so much fun and I am very grateful for my wonderful friends who hosted them! The first was on hosted by two of my bridesmaids and their mothers and the second by a family friend from our church. A great time was had at both, there was plenty of talk about wedding planning, where we will live and of course the groom-to-be.


One of the questions asked was “what did you do on your first date?” To be completely honest I didn’t remember, it feels like we’ve been dating for so long but yet you would think that I would remember my very first encounter with the man who is to be my husband. Jess helped me figure it out and we now believe that our first date was actually a double date with Jess and Sean, we went to the movies and saw whichever Harry Potter movie had been recently released.

the girls

Here are all my beautiful friends from high school, it was so great to see you all and reminisce about old times!


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3 Responses to “Bridal Shower Weekend”

  1. KellyM Says:

    What fun! Okay, so in that last picture, who is on the right? I recognize everyone else but I’m blanking out on the person on the far right….. And how many of them are married? Lou Mandy is I know, but of the rest of them?

    • britneyanne Says:

      The one on the far right is Jessica Rogers, she’s my maid of honor…and Lindsey Fuessel is engaged too, she’s getting married the weekend after me!

  2. KellyM Says:

    Okay, so now I can’t tell my left from my right! I did recognize Jessica, it was Lindsey I didn’t recognize as a blonde! Wow, tis the season for weddings, eh? Just you wait, first everyone you know gets married in the same span of a couple of years, and next everyone starts having babies! Such fun!

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