sleepy kittens

Sometimes I wish I could be a cat…one of our cats to be more specific. If I were I bet my day would go something like this:

– Wake up to the sun shining on the back porch, do a little stretching {morning cat yoga}.

– Munch on some food.

– Go back to sleep on a different porch that is still shaded, sleep until noon-ish.

– When it gets too hot, sit patiently by the door until let into the air conditioned house.

– Become the center of attention and sit in someone’s lap for a while {motor buzzing of course}.

– Decide that the lap is too warm and move on to a comfy nook behind the couch or under a bed.

– Sleep until dinner time.

– Eat dinner, then back to sleep.

What a life that would be. But then again, I have no idea what cats really do during the nighttime hours. For all I know they could be running a fight club and invite over all the neighborhood cats and the reason why they sleep all day is to recover from their nightly brawls. Maybe it’s best if I just keep telling myself that they sleep all night…or maybe I’ll set an alarm for 3am and see for myself what they’re doing…


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