Latest Garden Projects

The garden has changed quite a bit in the past few weeks. We’ve gone through our harvest season, picking all of the pumpkins and cutting the broomcorn. Now we’re moving on to planting over 500 baby sunflower plants and clearing out all the overgrown pumpkin vines to make room for winter vegetables.


The broomcorn that we planted to use as decoration for the wedding turned out more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. The colors are so rich, ranging from golden yellow to a black purple color with every shade of red in between.


I’m not going to show my latest attempts at using the broomcorn as a centerpiece {I don’t want everyone to know what the decor will look like at the wedding until they get there} but let me just say that simple can be so beautiful.

Our latest project was building a water fountain out of old terra cotta pots. My dad had read that a good way to help keep the insect population down in your garden is to attract birds to the area. We already have a few feeders but we needed a source of water for them too. Not wanting to have to deal with the typical, stagnant water bath that you continuously have to scrub out and refill, we decided to go with a fountain that keeps the water moving constantly.

pots before

We gathered 5 pots {graduated in size}, some broken pieces of brick to help space the pots apart, and a little water pump that my dad bought for less than $10. The pump was placed in the bottom of the largest pot and the tube through which water is pumped was fed up through the holes in the bottom of each pot.

pots after

And voila! A beautiful, trickling water feature that I hope the birds will love!



3 Responses to “Latest Garden Projects”

  1. jacob Says:

    awesome. i remember when my mom and i spent hours in our backyard many years ago getting one of those mini ponds set up. today it looks great, after all the plant growth. but it was a pain. this looks much simpler.

    also- that second image from the top looks like bamboo!

  2. dandelionpicker Says:

    HI, I’m going to be making a clay pot fountain like yours soon. How has it held up over the past couple years? Anything you’d do different? Also, how tall is it and how big of a pump did you use? I’ve been researching and I don’t want to get a pump that’s too small or too big. Thanks for your help!

    • britneyanne Says:

      It’s actually held up decently, the only issue that we didn’t think about ahead of time is getting to the pump if it ever needs to be replaced or fixed; if the pump would need to be replaced we would just have to disassemble the whole thing. My dad bought the pump at Harbor Freight, I don’t remember any specific details about it but it was pretty inexpensive. The fountain is about 30 inches tall and the pump was just powerful enough for the water to bubble out of the top but it wasn’t squirting into the air. Good luck on yours!

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