It’s almost here…

Well, it’s 11:30pm the night before the day before our wedding, and here I am, blogging, when I should be packing for the honeymoon, checking over last minute details, or most importantly…sleeping. My mind just keeps racing, thinking: “there must be something else to do,” but my to-do list items have all been scratched off. I don’t know what I would have done without that list {I love making lists}. I usually break down more time consuming tasks into multiple, smaller tasks just for the sake of seeing more things being marked off of the list; for example I didn’t just write down make programs, I wrote print programs, cut out programs, fold programs, paint pencils, glue ribbon to pencils and glue programs together {that’s six checks instead of just one}.

I digress…so far, we haven’t had too many unexpected things happen, with the exception of Mark deciding that three days before the wedding would be a good time to contract the swine flu. He’s slowly getting over it but please keep him in your prayers, I’m hoping that I won’t catch it from him while we’re in Mexico…that would not be good.

About a week ago we got the first rain that we had had in over three months…those clouds must have been saving the moisture from all those months because it didn’t stop raining for three or four days. Due to the persistant rain and a small northern front the weather has been quite pleasurable here lately {hasn’t broken 100}. The forecast currently shows a high of 84 for Saturday with only a 20% chance of rain…I’m going to go ahead and say that’s about the best weather I could ever ask for during September in Texas {someone up there is watching out for me}.

The craziness begins tomorrow: hauling decorations out to Salado, setting up tables and chairs, decorating tables, cooling drinks, rehearsal and dinner at Johnnies BBQ. I can’t wait to get started!


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