Our Wedding: Honey Favors

The little jars of honey turned out to be a big hit at the wedding and they were a lot of fun to make. I used to work at Walker Honey Company and the owners graciously donated the honey as a wedding gift…of course, I had to come pack it myself.


The local clover honey was such a beautiful golden color, I just knew that they were going to fit in with the fall color scheme perfectly.


After they were all filled I attached one of our monogrammed wax seals to each jar using some raffia. One was set at each place setting at the wedding for everyone to take home!



3 Responses to “Our Wedding: Honey Favors”

  1. KellyM Says:

    Okay, I’ll confess, I snitched a couple extra from some empty seats. I figured since I was supposed to have brought along four other people who were at home chasing escaped cows instead, I had to take some honey back to them! Those were such perfect, appropriate favors. The whole event was so perfect, Britney, really. You guys did a fantastic job!

    • britneyanne Says:

      Thank you so much! I loved everything about how the wedding turned out, it was perfect. I’m glad you took some extra honey, we were afraid of having a ton left over, haha. I’m so glad you got to come, it meant a lot having you and Jess there!

  2. Our Wedding: The Details « life by britney Says:

    […] Post about the honey favors here. […]

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