Our Wedding: Sunflowers

The sunflowers for our wedding turned out a million times more beautiful than I ever thought possible. We were constantly worried about if the flowers were going to get enough rain {or too much}, if the timing of the planting was right or if the bugs would get to them…but thank God everything came together perfectly.


On the Tuesday before our wedding my mom and I picked flowers for about 2 hours, filling the back of the mule. Then we took them directly to our florist who, despite her already packed schedule, was able to fit us in. Thank you so much Debbie, you did such a wonderful job!


The table arrangements and bouquets were a lovely mixture of varying shades of sunflowers with sprigs of wheat, broomcorn, rosemary and hypericum berries, they were absolutely perfect.




3 Responses to “Our Wedding: Sunflowers”

  1. Our Wedding: The Details « life by britney Says:

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  2. Amanda Says:

    I just got engaged last month and have dreams of a rustic fall wedding. I am also considering growing my own pumpkins, gourds and flowers. If you had to do it all over again would you grow your own, or did it add a lot of stress? Do you have any tips? I looked through your wedding posts and the pictures are gorgeous and very inspirational!

    • britneyanne Says:

      Thanks so much Amanda for your sweet comment! I would definitely do it all over again, without a doubt. The whole process didn’t really add too much stress but my situation was rather unique…I had just graduated from college and since I didn’t find a job right away I opted to live at home for the summer before our September wedding and this gave me plenty of extra time to spend in the garden and stay on top of wedding projects. I would say for sure grow your own pumpkins and gourds because they really seem to take care of themselves. The flowers were a little more risky, I had to mentally be OK with not having flowers at the wedding just in case something went wrong; but in the end everything worked out perfectly. Please feel free to email me at britneyrand@gmail.com if you want to chat further, I’d love to help as much as I can. And congratulations on your engagement!

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