Our Wedding: The Programs

After being inspired by these creative programs from della stella I designed my own program fans to give our wedding guests a little something to pass the time before the ceremony began.

One thing that I did differently was to attach the ribbon to the program in between the handle and the cardstock. I also painted the pencils a deep red {with much help from my dad} because they were originally this disgusting interesting school bus yellow color that didn’t match anything. Also, instead of drilling holes through the pencils to string the ribbon through, we drilled holes in the bottom and stuffed the ribbon {along with some super glue} into the hole. It looked nice having the ribbon come directly out of the end of the pencil.


Our coordinator urged us not to make programs because she said that they were a waste of time and effort since guests tend to throw them away as soon as the wedding is over. As you can tell my dad and I took that as sort of a challenge to make them so amazing that everyone would want one! We spent waaaaay too much time on these but they turned out amazing!

doing programs


2 Responses to “Our Wedding: The Programs”

  1. savannah Says:

    yay! these were AMAZING and we were very intrigued/impressed by the ribbon coming directly out of the end of the pencil. and… i still have mine!

  2. Our Wedding: The Details « life by britney Says:

    […] Our lovely programs, which I posted about here. […]

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