One More Year

Well, today I turned one year older…it was kind of a strange feeling, I think I’m reaching that point in my life where birthdays are just a reminder of how fast life is flying by. For example, over the past few months when I’ve been asked how old I am I seriously had to stop and think about it, as opposed to during high school when I could immediately reply with whatever teen number it happened to be. It’s just a weird feeling, this getting older…I don’t quite know what to think about it.

My birthday weekend began with my parents, Mark and I taking a trip to see the Baeckers of San Antonio. My cousin Chris and his wife Jenny have four of the most adorable and well behaved little girls ever, the youngest of which just recently made her grand entrance into the world. We wanted to come see & hold new baby Sloane and also celebrate Reese’s birthday which was last Wednesday. It was such a great visit, we shared wedding photos, watched football and went on a walk with the girls.


Sunday, Mark and I drove down to Pedernales Falls State Park to enjoy the beautiful, cool weather hiking around the rocky falls. Our family had been camping here a couple of times when I was growing up and I always remember it being one of my favorite parks.



We had such a great time hiking around on all the huge rocks, the surroundings were so serene and the sky was filled with big, puffy clouds. Driving down that winding park road and seeing the falls again brought back a lot of great memories of camping with family and friends. Hopefully Mark and I will continue the camping tradition so that someday we can share those fun experiences with our kids.


deer flower


It was a perfect outing with my wonderful husband and I can’t wait to make more memories like this together.


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