Our Wedding: Getting Ready

WARNING: This is the beginning of multiple posts containing many wedding pictures. I tried picking out just a few of the best to post that would sum up our wedding as best as possible but that didn’t work out, there are just too many good pictures! {thanks Emily} So, instead of having one huge post, I’m breaking it up into sections…enjoy!

Our wedding day began with lots and lots of preparation, there were hair appointments to make, makeup to do and dresses to put on. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the day, there were so many little moments that I will remember forever.


We had such a fun time hanging out together during those few hours before the wedding. Just what a soon-to-be bride needs, a little girl time with her best friends to keep her calm.



window watching

Once guests started arriving, we would watch them walk down to the ceremony site from our dressing room window. It was so exciting to see everyone filtering in; I think that’s when it became real for me, when I saw friends and family that were there just for our wedding…it was such an amazing feeling.

buttons & ties

guys hanging


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