Our Wedding: The Reception


Words cannot describe how amazing our reception was…all of our hard work, attention to detail, stress, late nights, money and most of all our love was poured into making those few hours the best of our lives. And it was.


Our DIY decor created the perfect simple/elegant/personal/country environment; and the best part was that we encouraged our guests to take something with them when the left 1) so they could enjoy a part of our wedding in their home 2) so nothing went to waste 3) so we didn’t have to deal with 125 wooden tea light holders afterwards.


The dancing was so much fun thanks to the wonderful DJ work of my little brother.

dj ben

And no Aggie wedding would be complete without singing the Aggie War Hymn!

war hymn

Mark and I both decided to go the comfortable route when it came to our shoes…I wanted to enjoy the reception and I did not want to have blisters on our honeymoon.

comfy feet

cake cutting

I’ve missed my A&M architecture friends so much! It was so great to see all of them at the wedding, I knew that they would appreciate my extreme perfectionism. :)

arch friends

We had such an amazing evening and I’m so glad that our guests did as well. Having all of our closest friends and family present was a huge blessing, I am very grateful to know so many wonderful people who love us.



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