Gotta Love Them Aggies

I have an interesting love/hate relationship with the Texas A&M football team. I love everything about that university; the traditions, the campus, the yells and most of all the football. I want so badly to believe in our team and be a good supporter but it’s like getting back behind the wheel after a bad car accident…I keep expecting the worst. When I start watching a game I’m very skeptical, then I get all excited that we might win only to be let down in the end. Here’s how so many important, heart-wrenching games have gone:

– we play decent in the first quarter, keeping up in points and stats {making me believe it’s going to be a good game}

– second quarter the opposing team pulls ahead by a few points but the momentum hasn’t fully shifted against us {leading me to believe that we still have a great chance in the second half as long as we don’t completely screw up}

– third quarter we dominate on yardage and march down the field with a few 20+ yard catches only to come up short and settle for a field goal attempt {getting my hopes up and then killing them over and over and over}

– fourth quarter is all the other team, we start turning the ball over and getting sloppy and we end up losing by at least two touchdowns

I’m not saying that I’m embarrassed to be an Aggie nor will I ever stop being their biggest fan when it comes to sports…there’s just one thing I have to say: please stop toying with my feelings A&M…looking forward to next season!


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One Response to “Gotta Love Them Aggies”

  1. Kim Says:

    I have felt like that before, but not about football. Never been a big fan of that sport, but there is a long story behind that. In any case, I know how you feel!

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