I Miss You

Two of my favorite kitties passed away in 2009 and I wanted to dedicate a post to them so I can always look back and remember how much they meant to me.


She was the cat that wouldn’t die…born when Ben was a toddler, she was nearly 16 years old. I always remember her laying on the porch railing like this with her hind legs hanging off the sides. In her old age she got pretty skinny and extremely vocal {I think she was deaf and just couldn’t hear herself} and no matter how much we couldn’t stand her screeching I still loved her just the same.


Peaches was my baby; his brother, Cinnamon, was Ben’s and Peaches was mine. He was always such a thick and healthy cat, often roaming away from home for days on end and living off of mice. But when we would let him come in the house he always felt right at home. He liked to rub on the dining table and chairs and then stretch out on the carpet, pulling himself around to scratch his back. Peachie had a very distinct meow, very firm and manly. I used to always butt heads with him as I would walk by him sitting on the porch railing and he always butted back. I miss you big boy.

Here’s to hoping there’s a kitty wing in heaven and we’ll be together again soon.



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