I have this bad tendency of worshiping God in waves…everything in life is going fine and I get caught up in my daily routine and forget about Him, slowly things begin to shift and my life seems to careen out of control until I end up running back to God, crying for help. It’s in those little moments of complete trust and dependence that I catch a glimpse of how small and insignificant I am and how wonderful our God is.

Over the past few months I’ve had a few struggles that continue, time and time again, to bring me to my knees asking for help and guidance. Through my prayers God revealed to me two very simple yet incredibly meaningful truths:

God loves each and every person just as you love Mark.

I love Mark. The love I feel for him is the strongest, most powerful emotion I have ever felt. It hurts me to be away from him for more than an hour. God has blessed me with this love so that I can finally understand how much He loves me. It hurts God when I forget to pray or when I think I can live without Him.

Love is all that is real…everything else is superficial.

This is so simple {which I why I love it}. Love is the only thing in this world that is REAL. Everything else that we place importance upon only appears to be true until examined more closely. Our jobs don’t matter. Our possessions don’t matter. Our status doesn’t matter. Our money doesn’t matter. If we don’t live to love others then we aren’t living at all, we are drifting along in our UNREAL lives.

In light of these mini-revelations and the beginning of a fresh, new year I’m going to strive to BE REAL and to LOVE MORE.

I think “real” is rapidly becoming one of my new favorite words, right up there with “simple.”


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