Girl’s Night In

Mark is in Cupertino until Thursday so I decided to treat myself to a little relaxing evening doing all the things that would normally never be done if the husband were present.

After working on my portfolio for a few hours I went and worked out before the New Years resolution crowd made it to the gym. Following a relaxing bath I cooked some delightful garlic shrimp pasta for myself while wearing my pajamas, hair wet, drinking Chardonnay and listening to my Duffy station on Pandora {thanks Mandy}. I popped in Julie & Julia {redbox renting is awesome!} and ate my lovely dinner. I’ve wanted to rent this movie forever but just never did because I knew the hubby wouldn’t enjoy it as much as me. Soooo glad I finally saw it…what a great movie, Meryl Streep is amazing…makes me want to cook more, or learn how to cook for real.


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