It’s Camping Time!

Spring is slowly beginning to show its lovely face around here; highs in the upper 60’s, lows in the 40’s and sunshine abound. It’s cool enough at night to merit huddling around a campfire and warm enough during the day for hiking and biking in shorts…perfect CAMPING weather if you ask me!

Growing up, our family along with 5-7 other families from our church held a bi-annual camp out every April and October. Some of my most cherished memories were created during those times with good friends and family. We have probably 6 giant photo albums filled with packing lists and pictures from every single outing and I love to pull those out and reminisce about all the hilarious happenings that made each camping trip so special.

This group shot of all of us back in 1997 makes me laugh so hard, I wonder what humorous comment JK made to make all the adults smile like that. For me, this photo is a reminder of how meaningful this little tradition was for all of us. Sadly, all good things must come to an end…kids grew up, went off to college, some people left the church and the camping no longer happens.

But now, I think I’m more thankful to have all those memories of the past than I am upset that they no longer continue. I’ve come to a new place in my life, one in which I have the joy of creating new traditions with my husband. Of course I enjoy looking back on those fun times but I’m sure looking forward to what is yet to come. Hopefully it will involve lots and lots of camping!


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