Well Aren’t We Sporty?

The past few days were chock full of athletic events for both of us; over the weekend I played in my soccer league’s state tournament and Mark had his first company softball game Monday night.

The tournament was so much fun, we had two games on both Saturday and Sunday; I think the last time I played more than one game in a weekend I was about 14…needless to say it was a bit more exhausting and I’m just a tad more sore than I remember. Our third game of the tournament was by far the best game I have ever had in my whole life. I had an assist on our first goal of the game and I later scored myself off of a corner kick header…it was the most amazing feeling, that was the first time I’d ever done that {but hopefully not the last}.

We ended up winning one game and losing the other three but since every game was really close and we maxed out our potential points on our only win, we ended up getting third place and scoring $500 for our team!

Tammy and Logan were in town for the weekend too so they came to watch a game…Mark got a few action shots, most are pretty far out and of my back but it’s hard to get anything much better when the field is so big.

Mark’s softball game turned out to be pretty entertaining; I have to admit that I brought a book to read but after a couple foul balls I decided it wasn’t worth the risk of not paying attention. The team he’s on is all people from work, some from his department, some not and their team name is the Bad Apples {genius right?}. Of course they all expect Mark to be really good because he’s “the young guy” but it’s all in jest and they have fun joking around with each other.

Though Mark fit in well with his teammates, I couldn’t help but feel a little out of place sitting in the bleachers. I was surrounded by screaming women…screaming at their husbands on the field and screaming at their disobedient children who were scurrying around. It was quite funny actually, watching the young, seemingly naive mothers trying to bribe their toddlers with Funyuns and french fries if they could only sit still and not throw dirt or rocks for just a few short minutes. I like to look at situations such as those as an opportunity to make mental notes on how NOT to raise my future children and it’s a lovely reminder of why we will not be having any of our own any time soon.

I digress…sadly the Bad Apples lost their season opener 16-17; it was a really close game, both teams were pretty evenly matched. Here’s Mark batting, he hit really well the whole night…just gotta work on that base running!


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2 Responses to “Well Aren’t We Sporty?”

  1. Grandpa and Jan Says:

    Glad to see that you both are enjoying and participating in the sports of your choice. As you know, exercise is good for the brain as well as the body.
    Keepthe blogs coming. We love reading them.

  2. Mark Says:

    didn’t realize you took a little jab at my base running. hilarious. yes, keep the blogs coming, i love ’em!

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