Lovely Sunday

Yesterday was such a wonderful day, a perfect end to a fun weekend.

Mark spent most of the day playing golf with Paulo and his friend Andy; he hadn’t had the opportunity to play in quite a while so I’m glad it all fell together. Plus this gave him a chance to test out his new golf bag!

I on the other hand spent my morning at Garden Ridge with Amanda and her friend Katelyn. Garden Ridge is an interesting place; it’s relatively cheap {both quality-wise and price-wise} but with a good eye you can find some nice items. We spent a few hours in that huge place helping Amanda pick out things to decorate her and Paulo’s new house with. It was fun to help someone else spend money! We found a ton of great stuff and hopefully it all looks as good in her house as we were picturing in our minds.

My parents surprised me and decided to come down for my soccer game. It was great that they came but we ended up being short on players so we were forced to forfeit our game, sadly. I was really looking forward to playing too since we had an off week last weekend. Oh well…I still had a chance to hang out and chat with the parents before they headed back home.

With our soccer game being called off I came back to the apartment, changed and then went out to the pool to catch some sun. It was pretty crowded, lots of people hanging out, cooking on the grills and having a good time. It felt so good to be in a swim suit again; I miss summer so much. I can’t wait for it to get just a little bit warmer…and yes…I am aware that I will be eating those words in a couple of months.

Once Mark got back home from golfing I made us a light dinner of broccoli and rice drizzled with some cheese sauce. A couple of weeks ago we decided to not buy groceries for the remainder of the month and just eat what we have in the apartment to clean out the pantry and get rid of extraneous food items. It’s been fun so far but now, in the last week of the month, we’re going to have to start getting creative.

After the sun went down we went for a little stroll around the apartment complex, stopping off at the patio overlooking the pool to sit and talk for a while. I love my husband so much and spending little times like that together mean more to me than I can even describe. Definitely the perfect beginning to a great week.


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