Penny Pinching/Pantry Cleaning

As I mentioned before, Mark and I aren’t buying any more groceries for the remainder of the month…and it’s beginning to be a challenge to say the least.

This morning we used our last two eggs, the remaining milk and the last cup of pancake mix for breakfast. I also made pasta this morning…yes, pasta in the morning; it’s for Mark’s lunch today as well as meals for later in the week. The only pasta noodles we had left were a half bag of vermicelli and some wide egg noodles. So it wouldn’t look like spaghetti, who cares? I cooked up the noodles, then made the sauce with our last cans of diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and tomato paste along with our last onion, sauteed in about a tablespoon of our last stick of butter. This is cracking me up just to type out…we’re having so much fun with this!

The only thing that stinks about this is that we ran out of quick-fix, snack foods long, long ago. So whenever we get home from work and we just want a little something to eat, NOTHING LOOKS GOOD. {Last week Mark discovered half a bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips hidden in the freezer…needless to say they are already gone}

It’s been really good though, we’ve managed to get rid of a ton of things that have been sitting in our pantry since we got married {ahem: vermicelli noodles}. But I am definitely looking forward to May 1st :)


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2 Responses to “Penny Pinching/Pantry Cleaning”

  1. Grandpa and Jan Says:

    Up here Jan calls those food products found in the back of the refrigerator that are two weeks or older “dwellers”
    Sounds like you are almost out of dwellers, :-)

  2. jacob Says:

    you guys make me laugh.
    more power to you both, though.
    i don’t know if we could last…

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