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Granny’s Cinnamon Rolls

May 28, 2010

Remember when I said I had lost my baking touch? Well, I’ve got some good news…


In preparation for our three day weekend on Lake Conroe with Mark’s family, I made two dozen gooey, homemade cinnamon rolls. I just love making these things, mainly because it brings back so many fond family memories.

My granny made THE BEST cinnamon rolls ever, no doubt about it. I can remember back when I was around 5 or 6, helping her drizzle icing over the pans of warm rolls. I’m not sure why but that is my favorite memory of her; well, that and the smell of Avon perfume. I actually bought a small, carriage-shaped bottle of Avon perfume from an antique booth because the smell reminded me so much of her. I have it sitting on my dresser and every now and then I’ll open it up and take a whiff and be reminded of her.

I love my granny and I miss her very much but every time I make cinnamon rolls, I think of her and know she’s looking down on me and smiling. :)


Taking the First Step

May 25, 2010

Did I mention that I LOVE to organize?

Don’t ask me why, I have no idea…the one thing I know is that I could clean and organize all day long and never get tired of it. There’s just something so satisfying about seeing a space transform from being cluttered and inhibiting to being tidy and functional.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting my own organizing business and becoming a Professional Organizer {yes, there is such a thing}; but with Mark and I still headstrong about becoming debt-free, we don’t want to incur any new extraneous expenses just yet. While I’m currently in between jobs I’ve decided it couldn’t hurt to put a listing up on Craigslist and see if anyone will employ me to come in and organize their home. It’s free to list and I’m not doing anything else anyway, so why not start building my clientele for the future?

I’m going to post the listing this afternoon and I am super excited, I hope I get at least a few phone calls!


May 24, 2010

Currently, Mark and I do not have any pets; we want one, but aren’t ready for one yet. We both agree that we will not be getting a dog until we have a house and a yard but a cat is another story. You see, I love cats; I grew up always having at least 7 or 8 of them around {they were all outdoor cats}, and there are times when the only thing that will cheer me up is some quality kitty time. Since we don’t have one though, I usually just take a trip home to my parents’ house.

The point of this story is that Mark and I have started brainstorming cat names, though we still have no intention of adding one to the family yet…just for fun. So far, the best name we’ve come up with is MEATBALL. Don’t ask me why, it’s just hilarious. Can’t you just imagine a big, fat cat with a deep meow?

Some day we’ll get a cat and if the personality fits we’ll name it that but for now we’ll continue blaming little mishaps on our imaginary kitty.

Meeeaatbaaallll…did you spill that water all over the counter? {not our cat, just a picture of a cat that I think looks like a Meatball}

Here We Go Again…

May 24, 2010

Almost exactly one year after my college graduation, I find myself in an almost identical position: unemployed and looking forward. Last Friday I found out that, due to corporate budget cuts, I would no longer be working at Grapevine. At first I was a little shocked, then angry, then completely relieved. Though I am extremely thankful for that job and the money that it provided for us, I despised it; I truly disliked going to work every day.

So I prayed and prayed and prayed because when I feel like there is nothing else for me to do, I pray. I knew that my prayers would be answered, it’s just a question of how; I’m always excited to see which way God will direct my life. In this situation He chose to give me time; time to search for a job, time to spend with my family, time to enjoy the sun, time to explore new things and time to relax. Frankly, I’m loving this new life He’s given me!

As far as the job search goes, I am setting my standards a little higher this time. I know what I’m capable of and I want to find something where I can use more of my talents every day. I’m still hopeful for landing a job in architecture but from what I have gathered from talking to various firms, everyone is still hesitant to start hiring again; apparently things just haven’t picked up enough to take on that risk. So in the meantime I’ll be exploring some other avenues while continuing to stick to creative-based careers.

I feel like I’ve served my time working 8 months at a crappy job. I am determined to find that perfect place where I belong; I’m ready for something that I love!

Baking FAIL

May 6, 2010

I think I’ve lost my baking touch.

The last two times I’ve baked something it didn’t turn out right and I’m not sure why. Granted both of the recipes were off of the internet so you never know if it’s tried and true or not; but I got one of them from, c’mon Martha, you’re supposed to be the expert!

My first baking mishap occurred a couple of weeks ago, I made blueberry muffins with cream cheese in them; sounded yummy to me. Now, the recipe specifically said it was OK to use frozen blueberries {which I did} but I think that’s where the whole thing went bad. As soon as the frozen berries got into the oven, they began to sweat and when the timer went off the dough was soggy everywhere there was a blueberry. Not to mention I had to bake them for literally twice the amount of time suggested on the recipe to get the muffins to a non-gooey state. Needless to say, they ended up in the trash.

So what? One recipe gone wrong…not necessarily my fault. But then today it happened again!

I wanted to make a half batch of chocolate cupcakes just to have something sweet/chocolate around the apartment because we never buy cookies or anything from the store. This recipe I got from Martha and it seemed pretty fool-proof. I whipped them up and popped them in the oven; when they came out they looked kind of small but I had stretched the batter to fill all 12 cupcake liners so that didn’t seem strange. Then I tried one…it was super dense, like it hadn’t risen at all. It still tasted fine but it wasn’t all nice and fluffy like cupcakes are supposed to be. Turns out I had skipped copying down the baking soda amount when I transferred the recipe from the computer onto a post-it. No soda = no rising = dense. UGH. What a complete waste of cute cupcake liners.

I am going to blame all of this on the fact that I don’t get to bake as much as I used to. I love baking…but Mark and I also love eating the yummy things that I bake. Therein lies the problem. I should just start a baking service, you tell me what you want and I’ll bake it for you, that way I can have fun baking but I don’t have to keep {or eat} the results! Anyone in the Austin area want some baked goods?