Currently, Mark and I do not have any pets; we want one, but aren’t ready for one yet. We both agree that we will not be getting a dog until we have a house and a yard but a cat is another story. You see, I love cats; I grew up always having at least 7 or 8 of them around {they were all outdoor cats}, and there are times when the only thing that will cheer me up is some quality kitty time. Since we don’t have one though, I usually just take a trip home to my parents’ house.

The point of this story is that Mark and I have started brainstorming cat names, though we still have no intention of adding one to the family yet…just for fun. So far, the best name we’ve come up with is MEATBALL. Don’t ask me why, it’s just hilarious. Can’t you just imagine a big, fat cat with a deep meow?

Some day we’ll get a cat and if the personality fits we’ll name it that but for now we’ll continue blaming little mishaps on our imaginary kitty.

Meeeaatbaaallll…did you spill that water all over the counter? {not our cat, just a picture of a cat that I think looks like a Meatball}


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