Ice Cream Festival

On Saturday, Mark, my brother and I went to the 14th annual Austin Ice Cream Festival at Waterloo Park. I honestly had no idea what to expect since this was our first time to attend, but with the advertised ice cream eating contest and popsicle stick building contest I went hoping for the best.

We made it to the park around 2:30 and the Texas sun was boiling hot and beating down on us. We walked a lap around the park passing by about 7 or 8 ice cream and food vendors along with craft tents, a caricature/face painting booth and a handful of kiddie rides. I have to say I wasn’t too impressed {I think the event is geared more towards kids} but nevertheless, we stuck around for the eating contest.

The event began with the introductions of the eaters announced by an extremely over-animated guy who has apparently been hosting competitive eating contests for over 22 years…what a job. There were 5 contestants from Austin along with Joey Chestnutt, the world record holder for various eating competitions.

They had 5 minutes to eat as much ice cream possible…Joey downed 1-1/4 gallons while the other eaters combined ate about a gallon total. It was pretty much disgusting and awesome at the same time.

There’s Joey in the center, finishing off his first gallon.

All things considered, I’d give the ice cream festival a 5 out of 10. It was just too dang hot to be enjoyable and there wasn’t a whole lot to do; not to mention there was no free ice cream and the ice cream for sale was marked up considerably. We most likely won’t go back next year but it was definitely fun to experience it once.


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