Goodbye, Wedding Dress {sniff, sniff}

Ever since before I got married, I’ve always been one of the few who were on the fence about keeping or selling their wedding dress after the big day. I thought that after I found the perfect dress and wore it for the wedding, surely my mind would be changed and I would never want to let it go. But that didn’t happen; even though I absolutely LOVE my dress, I just couldn’t quite justify its eternal existence in my closet.

So I waited…and waited; and waited some more. I posted it on Craigslist a couple of times but never got any hits. I just kept hoping that I could convince myself to keep it forever.

But alas, my minimalist/organized side won out and 9 months after the fact I took my dress to a consignment shop. It hurt my heart a little when the lady behind the counter told me the highest amount she would sell it for and the percentage I would get. I almost pulled out right then and there but I just kept telling myself that some lucky girl was going to get a gorgeous dress at an amazing price thanks to my charity. I teared up a little walking out the door, leaving my dress behind.

Each month I would call the shop to see if it had sold and month after month it never did. So when I called a few days ago {the last month it had to sell before I would have to take it back} part of me hoped that it was still there and I would have no choice but to keep it. No such luck; it finally sold. I try not to think about the dollar amount written on that check made out to me, it’s just too depressing.

I realize that I’m definitely the minority in thinking this but I’m glad I didn’t keep the dress. I don’t need a physical thing to remind me of the way I felt that day, the day that I married my best friend. After all, that’s what loving my husband is for, right? Having a ton of great pictures helps too!


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