Living Room Makeover

The new slipcover for our sofa came in the mail last week! I was so excited to get the package {I love getting mail} especially because I knew that it would come with a couple of PB catalogs to look through.

I snapped a quick before shot of our lovely red and green plaid sofa; don’t the colors complement the light blue wall so well? haha

I decided to go ahead and put the cover on before ironing it to save myself the trouble if it didn’t fit at all so this is the cover pre-iron.

I was sooo not in love with it. The color was way better than the plaid but I wasn’t quite feeling the look. But I decided to give it a chance to grow on me, so I ironed it and went out and bought the rug I liked from Target plus a couple accent pillows.

The rug grounds the sofa and coffee table and really pulls the whole space together, I am very happy with how it turned out! The next step will be to paint that wall a soft olive green color {similar to the green in the rug}.

Oh, and did you notice my little pinecone arrangement on the table? That spot was just begging for a little something decorative so I grabbed a rectangular platter that we don’t use very often, stuck a couple of pillar candles on it and surrounded them with some pinecones from my collection. It adds a perfect little touch of fall to our living room. I’m not quite sure if I’ll allow myself cross off the pinecone craft from my Autumn Bucket List, this was just too easy!


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6 Responses to “Living Room Makeover”

  1. jacob Says:

    Hey, that’s looking pretty nice. I’ll bed the couch is mighty comfy being so old.

  2. Autumn Bucket List « life by britney Says:

    […] by britney because I could never keep a journal « Making Our Apartment A Home Living Room Makeover […]

  3. Tyler Says:


    Hi! I was wondering where in the world did you find that couch? It is the couch I’ve been looking for years. Do you know where you got it? I am in love with it. plaid is so cool. If you know the original owners, do you know where they bought it?

    • britneyanne Says:

      My husband had that couch all through college and I think his dad bought it originally, probably 15 years ago…no idea where he bought it though, sorry.

  4. Katarina Says:

    What size is the slipcover?

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