Halloween Weekend

This weekend I managed to scratch two things off my Autumn Bucket List, we went to the A&M vs. Texas Tech football game in College Station on Saturday and carved pumpkins on Halloween!

We drove to C.S. Friday night after work and had dinner with our friends Lou Mandy and Allen before heading to campus for midnight yell, which is when I found out that I’m definitely old because I was sooo tired from staying up past 11pm…sad. Saturday morning we got up early to hit the tent sales to replenish our Aggie t-shirt collection, then parked and walked around campus for a while. We had brunch at SBISA and visited the studios in the architecture building for old times’ sake, then parked our car and did a little tailgating. A friend of mine that’s still in grad school pulled us tickets and since we still have our old TAMU IDs we scored seats in the student section. The game was so much fun, mainly because we beat Tech pretty big but also because we were pretending to be students again, ha! By halftime my feet hurt from standing, my water was warm and I could tell I was going to be a tad sun-burned…I had forgotten how tiring it is to be a member of the 12th man.

Being that it was Halloween weekend there were quite a few entertaining costumes to be seen; we spotted Buddy the Elf, Woody, an Avatar and a couple of where’s Waldos. After the game we grabbed some Freebirds on northgate and started the drive back to Austin.

On Sunday my brother came down to Austin for the afternoon to join in on the carving fun. I’m not really one to decorate for Halloween and I don’t particularly enjoy scrambling and spending extra money last minute for a costume, but I always love to carve up a big orange pumpkin. :)

Mark made a scary face on his pumpkin with a big jagged smile and I couldn’t decide between doing a monogram “R” or leaves so I did two small ones.

I love how the little white pumpkin turned out with the leaves and swirls; the whole thing glowed thanks to the light colored rind. I’ve already got ideas brewing for next year’s pumpkin!


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