Friday Funny

OK, so maybe I’ll start making this a weekly thing just for fun, but don’t hold me to it. I guess a little background story is necessary to explain my love for Garfield comics…it all started when my parents brought me home from the hospital, they introduced me to their two cats, Garfield and Nermal. From that day forth we always named our orange tabby cats Garfield, male or female, it didn’t matter {luckily we never had two at once}. It became a tradition, counting that very first one we’ve had 4 or 5 Garfields over the years. Growing up I used to watch the Garfield & Friends cartoon almost every Saturday morning {it came on right before T.M.N.T.}. We also owned a tons of the books which we always took on car rides to the grandparents’ house for entertainment. Some people grew up with Snoopy, others with Calvin & Hobbes, but we were a Garfield and John Arbuckle kind of family and darn proud of it!

Here’s some more Garfield for you; this week’s theme is Garfield’s appetite.

This next one is one of my all-time favorites:


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