Feeling the Love

“Hmm, that’s strange,” I thought to myself last Friday morning as I checked gmail for the first time; I had five pending comment notifications from Wordpress {more than I normally get in a month}. Curious, I logged in to WordPress to check the stats…I had over 50 hits and it was only 8am! I didn’t think much of it and quickly deducted that a certain friend from college had pulled an all-nighter working on grad school applications and decided to click through my entire blog in order to distract himself from the fact that he had been awake for over 24 hours and now had to go to work sans sleep.

I moved on to approving the comments and one of them said, “Congrats on being freshly pressed!” Slowly I put two and two together. I went to WordPress.com and frantically scrolled through the front page; and down at the bottom, there it was…

My post on building our patio planter box was smack-dab on the front page of a site visited by thousands of people every day…that, my friends, deserves a big, fat O.M.G. Not only that, but it was chosen on a Friday meaning it would be up all weekend long. It didn’t feel real at all; I just grew increasingly giddy as I watched the hits continue to climb throughout the day.

You see, I generally average 5-10 hits a day thanks to family and close friends who have Google Reader so seeing those giant columns looming over my tiny, little, insignificant stats was kind of humorous.

I feel unbelievably lucky to have been granted this surprise exposure and I am very thankful for those of you that stopped by! This blog started out as a medium through which I shared my engagement story with family and friends, and now it’s evolved into an online journal of sorts, accounting my life, thoughts and ideas. With that being said, if in some crazy way my simple little blog could inspire or bring joy to others I would be beyond elated. I am so grateful that God chooses to continuously bless my family’s life and I look forward to sharing those blessings with you through this blog.

Thanks again for the love, everyone!


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2 Responses to “Feeling the Love”

  1. jacob Says:

    Haha, thanks for the shout-out.
    So what, if Google Reader happens to be my procrastination medium of choice?
    , , …

  2. Grandpa and Jan Says:

    What fun! We too were impressed, not only by the story of how you built it with your dad, but by the visual presentation allowing us to better understand how you went about building the planter.
    Deserving of front page exposure, I’m sure.
    Well done.

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