Dear Santa,

It’s probably a little too late to be giving out gift ideas considering Christmas is in 8 days {seriously, where does the time go?} but I still wanted to share a few of the things on my Christmas wish list this year:

I am in love. Please Santa, bring me two of these bone china pinecones so I can indulge my obsession further; I promise to be good for years to come.

Doesn’t everyone want a giant spool of baker’s twine? No? Don’t ask me what I’ll use it for specifically because I have no answer; all I know is that it’s pretty and much cheaper than diamonds, so there ya go.

I would love this Keep Calm print for my future creative space.

I accidentally left my beloved white hoodie at the gym and someone decided to take it home with them so I would enjoy a similar replacement such as this one.

The upcoming soccer season is just around the corner and I think a few pairs of these socks would be just the ticket.

I’m in need of a heavier brown coat and this one from Old Navy has managed to stay on my “like” list for a couple of months now {still not 100% on the orange interior though, wishing it was red or brown plaid instead}.

And last but not least, something that caught my eye years ago in architecture school: Place for Trace. This one will probably stay on my wish list for a few more years since I don’t use trace as much lately; but some day I will make it mine, or I’ll make my own…


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