Bring On the New

At the beginning of every new year, I {along with everyone else in the world} tend to evaluate my life, it’s direction and purpose to see if anything needs tweaking. I’ve never been much on New Years resolutions and I didn’t realize exactly why until I read this quote from my daily email devotional:

“But God knows that these promises and resolutions are often grounded not in His Word but in our flesh. We focus on the end result and not on the process.”

So many times I’ve set out to make a change in my life with only the end result in mind: find a new job, be a better wife, tone up that booty, read more, blog more, set aside time for God. Instead of tackling these goals head on, I need to step back, look within myself and find what is truly hindering my success. In order to find a new job I need to overcome my self confidence issues and fear of failure. In order to be a better wife I need to stop putting myself ahead of my husband and to love him unconditionally and enthusiastically. In order to tone up that booty I’ve got to stop using food as a crutch for my boredom and emotions. In order to read and blog more I need to re-prioritize how I spend my free time, stay off of Facebook and turn off the TV. In order to spend more time with God I need to place more importance on my relationship with Him.

These are all very big, very real issues for me and the bad habits run deep, but I’m going to try my best to make some serious life adjustments this year. With God and the most wonderful husband in the world at my side, I know it’s possible.

I pray that if you have New Years resolutions this year you will take a moment to search for the underlying challenge, the real key to your success.

Happy 2011!



One Response to “Bring On the New”

  1. Ben Baecker Says:

    :) I really like this one. It’s something I am doing too. Not looking so far ahead and just trusting, relying and enjoying living in His peace day in and day out. Living for the moment rather than the week. It’s been awesome so far!

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