Meet Jack

Everyone, meet Jack, our newly adopted Russian blue cat! Once again we had really good luck with Craigslist and we were led to this beautiful, green-eyed boy. His owner is being deployed and wouldn’t be able to take care of him while he was gone.

He is a very chill, sweet-mannered kitty, he loves to travel and he doesn’t have any undesirable habits like scratching furniture or refusing to use his litter box. When we got him home he spent the first few hours exploring and sniffing out the place, but eventually he calmed down and laid on the sofa with Mark.

Surprisingly, he’s warmed up to us pretty quickly considering we’ve only known each other for a day. His newest thing is to sit in my lap with his paws on my shoulders and head butt my face, ha ha. We’re so happy to finally add to our little family; welcome home Jack!


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4 Responses to “Meet Jack”

  1. savannah Says:

    so cute! I want a pet. Glad y’all have a new addition! :)

  2. KellyM Says:

    How terrific! He is a handsome, if portly, man! Did he come with his name?

    We usually start with kittens but we adopted an owner-surrendered adult cat from the shelter this weekend and he too has integrated with the family as if he was here forever. And I have to admit, it is nice that he already knows to seek out the litter box!

    • britneyanne Says:

      Yes, he did come with his name. We thought about changing it at first but he actually comes when you call him so we left it.

      We considered a kitten as well but since most people choose to adopt kittens over adult cats, we wanted to give an older cat a home instead. He’s such a great cat, very lovable; he’s already been to Rogers with us once too and he loved it!

  3. Mark Says:


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