Fat Jack

We’ve been roommates with Jack for two weeks now and we’re slowly learning all of his little personality quirks and habits. He’s made us laugh quite a bit as well, especially between the hours of 7 & 9 pm when he’s in his hyper/playful mood. My parents came down to have dinner with us and meet Jack for the first time and just as they were about to leave we spotted him sitting like this on the bar stool…

He had been leaning over cleaning his stomach and when he looked up he still had his legs on either side of his body. We all died laughing to the point of tears; he just looked so ridiculous. You see, Jack is quite large; we had tried to weight him on our scale at home and we figured him to be around 10 pounds but after a check-up at the vet we now know that he weighs 14 pounds. What a fatty! Looks like someone needs to ease up on the meow mix.


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