Winter in Texas

This continues to be a humorous topic for us southerners year after year; you see, we don’t have a “real” winter, only a month long break from the summer heat. We’re lucky to have below 50 degree temps for Christmas and it’s never consistently cold {in the 30’s for more than one day} until at least late January. Then once it begins to feel like winter, a little thing I like to call faux spring hits; temperatures rise and trees begin to bud, then BAM, we get snow on Easter. Case in point: Texas’ weather is ridiculous. I digress…

The funny part is how when the temperature drops so does our productivity {at an exponential rate}; schools, roads and businesses close the instant there’s ice, sleet or snow present. It doesn’t matter that stereotypically all Texans own a four wheel drive truck, we still don’t know how to navigate in sub freezing temperatures. Can you blame us? We spend 90% of the year in a swim suit by the pool, how are we supposed to know how to deal with snow?

While the midwest and the east coast are getting pummeled by everything Jack Frost can throw at them, we’re experiencing rolling blackouts. Why is that you may ask? Because it finally got cold enough to merit running a heater and everyone in the state cranked theirs up at the same time. Our power cut out 5 minutes after I climbed out of bed on the one day of the week I decided to straighten my hair. Luckily, just after I had come to the realization that I might have to wear a baseball cap to work, the lights flickered back on and I was able to make myself look presentable in record time.

The highs are supposed to stay in the mid thirties for the next few days here so we might actually see some snow. Granted, it will be nothing in comparison to the drifts accumulating in the northern states, but hey, it’s all we’ve got. We’ll keep making our weak, mud-infused, 3 foot tall snowmen to display in our yards before what little snow that manages to stick melts away. Such is winter in Texas.

via: Real Austin Texas



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