Weekend Getaway

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season now well behind us, January tends to be a rather blah month, am I right? Just as you feel yourself getting used to being absent from work and spending more time with family, suddenly you’re back to reality, searching for something worthwhile to focus on to get you through the work week. This humdrum feeling is what inspired us to break out of our routine and take a weekend trip to Las Vegas! Mark had been visiting his sales territories in New Mexico and Nevada all last week; it was a no brainer for me to just meet him there since his flight was already covered through work.

Flying by myself for the first time, I arrived in Vegas around noon on Friday after a short layover in Denver. Mark met me at the airport and we headed straight to the closest In-n-Out for lunch. Then we checked in at the Monte Carlo, dropped our luggage and started exploring the strip. Mark has been to Vegas several times, both for business and pleasure, but this was my first visit; I found it quite fascinating that all of this craziness could exist in the middle of a desert.

For dinner that night we ate at Tao inside the Venetian and walked through endless pathways of stores and shops. On Saturday we made our first trip to the MGM to see the lions but were too early so we continued on to the M&M & Coca Cola “museums” which were not much more than souvenier shops.

That evening we took a cab ride up to Fremont street to check out the lights, do some cheap gambling and eat fried oreos {yes, they are as delicious as they sound}. One could compare the Fremont street area to east 6th street in Austin, everything is cheaper but also dirtier and full of crazy people. We had a lot of fun though and I was absolutely in love with the classic casino signs.

On Sunday we made our way to the MGM again and watched the lions snoozing on top of the glass walkway. We did some more walking around the city center area, popping in and out of shops and just enjoying each other’s company. Overall it was a great weekend filled with sight-seeing, eating out, sleeping in and basically doing whatever we felt like. Sometimes it’s nice to do things like this on a whim. :)

And no, I didn’t win any money on slots…I don’t think anyone ever does, haha.



One Response to “Weekend Getaway”

  1. Whitney Says:

    Sounds like fun Brit. I love Vegas, but definitely am not a huge gambler. When I was there last, I decided I would gamble one dollar. I put my money in one of those slot machines and it didn’t even let me play, it just ate it! It was the universe telling me not to gamble I guess!

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