Pancake Pyramid

When one volunteers to make pancakes for breakfast it goes without saying that they earn the right to create fun and unusual shapes with the batter. The classics consist of hearts, flowers or letters with the more talented artists going for funky-shaped animals or entire words. My mission? To make the ultimate pancake pyramid stack. In between the normal-sized pancakes I filled the extra space on the griddle with smaller pancakes of varying size until I had enough to build a 7-8 inch pyramid. Who says grown ups can’t play with their food? Yum.


3 Responses to “Pancake Pyramid”

  1. KellyM Says:

    That is seriously impressive! Make a note – you simply MUST do this with your kids someday!

  2. Ben Baecer Says:

    HAHA Nice! I like how the Syrup is dripping down the pyramid PERFECTLY! I’m guessing that was done on purpose. How was it to eat though? :)

    • britneyanne Says:

      It was pretty fun to eat, though they were a little cold by the time I finished taking pictures of them, haha!

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