A Time to Retreat

” Lent is a time to retreat with Our Father. To confess to Him that we have wandered so far from home and that we have become far too comfortable in the pleasures of this life. To confess to Him how utterly dependent we have become on everything, but Him. And he will gladly receive us back with open arms: not because we demonstrate to Him our growing discipline and holiness, but for the sake of Christ and him alone.”

                                                          ~ Edie @ Life{in}Grace

Growing up, Lent always meant giving up certain indulgences be it candy, cookies or soda; but over time I began to understand what Lent was really all about: prayer, reflection and repentance. Edie’s post on the deeper meaning of Lent really struck a chord with me and has finally given words to the feelings I experience during this season leading up to the Easter celebration.

“Lent begins with this realization. That we are a people in exile. That we are wandering far from our true home.

And thus the beginning of repentance isn’t merely the terror that one finds in wandering in a strange land; the beginning of repentance is homesickness.

Lent teaches us to fess up to how often we settle down in the land of our exile as though it were our true home; attempting to still the yearning the Spirit has created by throwing it at physical or psychological pleasure, and how it never works.”

                                                       ~ Pastor Will Weedon

Year after year, I find myself yearning for a closeness with my Creator and failing miserably to invest the time needed to grow in that relationship. The Lenten season gives me a chance to step back from the world, reflect on my sins and practice Christian discipline. It’s the discipline part where I usually come up short; my intentions are good but eventually life {and the world} get in the way. It seems harmless, just one day without talking to God; but one day turns into two, two turn into a week and before I know it I feel completely disconnected. I’ve found that the more deeply connected I become with the ways of this world, the less connected I become with my faith.

On that note, tomorrow I will delete the Facebook and Twitter apps from my phone, ban myself from watching television and begin my Lenten project. My goal is to crack open the bible and read one verse every day, just one. Now, if that one verse happens to lead to reading the entire chaper for context, I will gladly do so. I’ve been trying this out for a few days already and it’s amazing to see how these seemingly random verses pertain to my life. I’m so excited to see where I will find God and how he will lead me in the next 40 days!


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2 Responses to “A Time to Retreat”

  1. Ava Aston's Muckery Says:

    Wow….I’m impressed on your Lenten project.



  2. Patricia Rand Says:

    You can’t go wrong with this!

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