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Today’s Letters

April 26, 2011

Recently, I discovered a wonderful blog by fellow Texans Emily and Tim Loerke called Today’s Letters. They are a fun, young couple who have a passion for the Lord and for writing lots of love letters to each other. The letter writing idea is quite fascinating to me and I love the thought of using letters as an alternative to a daily journal because you get to share it with others. Mark and I write little notes to each other once in a while and reading those again and again always brings a smile to my face.

Inspired by this new found blog, I think I’ll start my own today’s letters beginning today:

Dear Pastor Terry, thank you for making this year’s Easter service hilarious and memorable by serving my family and I pieces of a chocolate pancake in lieu of the communion bread {it is unleaven bread afterall}. Now every time I eat a pancake I’m going to think of it as the body of Christ, haha.

Dear Hubby, it’s true that I love you more each day than I did the day before; the past few days are going to be hard to top though because they’ve been beyond awesome. It amazes and aggravates me that shopping is so easy for you; after trying on one pair of shorts and two shirts, you simply pick out other colors in the same size and buy everything you need from one store…I wish it were as simple for us girls.

Dear Mom & Dad, sipping Dr. Pepper in lawn chairs under the shade of a tree in the backyard while tossing a tennis ball for Sadie is officially my new favorite pasttime.

Dear Jack, please stop meowing at 9pm to be let outside; I know that you just want to go out and hunt crickets but it’s dark and I don’t want to worry about you getting lost.


Patio Planter: Spring Update

April 10, 2011

Spring is here and the planter now has legs! After 3+ months of bending over to tend to and water our little plants we finally bought 4 cinder blocks to use as a stand. I was hoping to find some for free but the ones being given away on Craigslist were less than perfect, and at $1.59 a piece new from Home Depot, it was a no-brainer. I love how open the patio feels now; it felt quite cluttered before with the planter on the ground. Plus, now it can drain properly and the plants get a little more sun.

Yesterday, I also got around to putting a finish on the wood to seal it and protect it from the sun.

The finish that I used is called CWF-UV for exterior wood; my dad swears by the stuff and he’s been using it on all sorts of outdoor wood items since I can remember {porch railings, picnic table, chairs, tool handles, etc.}. It goes on kind of milky but dries clear and it doesn’t change the color of the wood much, it just gives it a nice golden sheen.

Here it is after; not a huge difference but the goal of this finish was protection, not beautification.

We’ve changed out plants once already thanks to a few days in a row back in January that were below freezing; now, two of the bins contain three lettuce plants each and the center bin holds a couple curled leaf parsley plants and two cilantro plants.

Last time I visited my parents in Rogers, I snagged a couple tomato plants from the greenhouse and we already have a few grape-sized little ones!

I thought this was neat…on this one flowering stem you can see all the different stages from flower to tomato.

All of the plants are really loving this warm, sunny weather {I am too!} and I can’t wait to add some summer time veggies to the planter once it gets too hot for the lettuces…I heart summer vegetables!

State Cup

April 4, 2011

This past weekend was the TSSAS Women’s Division 1-3 State Cup tournament in Pflugerville and our team qualified to participate thanks to our regular season record. We were in Division II along with 9 other teams from south Texas.

The weekend started out a little rough with a 1-1 tie in our first game on Saturday morning, but our team has always had problems waking up {especially for 8am games}. We won the next two 1-0 and 2-1 to win our bracket and claim our spot in the semi-finals on Sunday. Another 8am game took us into overtime but luckily we scored and didn’t have to resort to penalty kicks; the final score was 3-2. On the field behind us were the two teams fighting to play against us in the finals.

Their game also went into overtime but ended with PK’s; games rarely come to this so it was really fun to watch. The winning team was the same one that we had tied in our first game, AFC West from Houston; we were set for a rematch in the finals.

The wind picked up just in time for our game {ugh} so the team with the wind at their backs had the obvious advantage. We had the wind the first half and scored first on a long free kick from midfield; the ball sailed over everyone, bouncing in front of their keeper and floating right over her head and into the net. With the score 1-0 at the end of the half we had to fight the wind as well as the other team to defend our lead. The second half was all defense with AFC pushing up two extra forwards; we cleared out nearly 10 corner kicks and only had a few shots on their goal. Before we knew it, the time had run out, the whistle was blown and we had held on for the win!

We won $1,000 for our team and some sweet championship t-shirts; the money is going towards new jerseys for next season. I’m so happy to be a part of this awesome team; playing with them has fueled my love for soccer more than ever before. Man, it feels good to be STATE CHAMPS!