Patio Planter: Spring Update

Spring is here and the planter now has legs! After 3+ months of bending over to tend to and water our little plants we finally bought 4 cinder blocks to use as a stand. I was hoping to find some for free but the ones being given away on Craigslist were less than perfect, and at $1.59 a piece new from Home Depot, it was a no-brainer. I love how open the patio feels now; it felt quite cluttered before with the planter on the ground. Plus, now it can drain properly and the plants get a little more sun.

Yesterday, I also got around to putting a finish on the wood to seal it and protect it from the sun.

The finish that I used is called CWF-UV for exterior wood; my dad swears by the stuff and he’s been using it on all sorts of outdoor wood items since I can remember {porch railings, picnic table, chairs, tool handles, etc.}. It goes on kind of milky but dries clear and it doesn’t change the color of the wood much, it just gives it a nice golden sheen.

Here it is after; not a huge difference but the goal of this finish was protection, not beautification.

We’ve changed out plants once already thanks to a few days in a row back in January that were below freezing; now, two of the bins contain three lettuce plants each and the center bin holds a couple curled leaf parsley plants and two cilantro plants.

Last time I visited my parents in Rogers, I snagged a couple tomato plants from the greenhouse and we already have a few grape-sized little ones!

I thought this was neat…on this one flowering stem you can see all the different stages from flower to tomato.

All of the plants are really loving this warm, sunny weather {I am too!} and I can’t wait to add some summer time veggies to the planter once it gets too hot for the lettuces…I heart summer vegetables!



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