Camping: McKinney Falls

I love camping. There’s just something about removing myself from the day to day and being outside for hours on end that rejuvinates my spirit. I love breathing the fresh air, hiking in lieu of working out, seeing the stars at night, exploring trails and waking up with the sun. It’s no wonder that as soon as the temperatures become favorable I start planning a trip to a nearby park.

We camped for two days at McKinney Falls State Park and had a great time despite the burn ban which prevented us from partaking in the traditional campfire hot dogs and s’mores. Thankfully, my parents had a camp stove that we borrowed to cook on; throughout the weekend we made grilled cheese sandwiches, fajitas and breakfast burritos…yum.

Due to the current lack of rain in the area we didn’t see many wildflowers but the cacti were blooming like crazy.

Mark and I went on an almost 3 hour hike Saturday morning {not entirely intentionally, we forgot the map}; we hiked around the upper and lower falls, stopping off at the old McKinney family residence. The water-worn rock is similar to what I imagine the surface of the moon to look like.

Sights like this amaze me…can you imagine how long it took for the river to carve those curves out of the solid rock? Nature is simply amazing.

Mandy and Jake joined us for the second day and, after a night of card games played by the light of an emergency glow stick, we went out hiking again, this time stopping to wade in the falls and soak up some sun. I could have laid on that rock with my feet in the running water listening to the falls for hours. This is what camping is all about!


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