2011 Summer Bucket List

Although the official first day of summer isn’t until June 21st, it has clearly already begun here in Texas. The almost daily 90 degree weather makes me long for shaved ice, corncobs on the grill, days on the lake and the smell of sunscreen. Some might say that our southern state’s sweltering heat is a bit overbearing, and at times I would have to agree…but when I have the ability to lay out by the pool in late March, it makes it all worth it. And since our summers last a bit longer than most, I intend to take full advantage of it by {hopefully} doing everything on my first Summer Bucket List.

A few of these things I have done in previous years but most I have never experienced before. My goal with this is to get out there and explore parts of Austin and the surrounding area that I’ve never seen before!

Memorial Day on Lake Conroe {2010 here} – check!

– Eat peaches and go antiquing in Fredricksburg

– Float a river

– Grab some kolaches at Green’s Sausage House

– Host a poolside cookout – check x3!

– Kayak on Lady Bird Lake

Take rowing lessons {I’ve always wanted to try sculling} – check!

Climb Mount Bonnell – check!

– Watch the bats fly from the Congress bridge

Shop SoCo on a First Thursday – check!


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